'Superman Returns' To Krypton In Deleted Scene

superman ReturnsIn early June, Warner Home Video released “Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology” on Blu-ray, including two versions each of “Superman The Movie” and “Superman II,” as well as “Superman III” and “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” While the collection also included the 2006 Brian Singer directed “Superman Returns,” since the release most fans have focused on the high definition versions of the earlier films.

But for fans interested in delving deeper into the most recent, somewhat notorious Superman film, the collection also features deleted scenes from “Superman Returns,” one of which has found its way to YouTube in shockingly good quality.

Check it out after the jump!

While the wordless, almost six minute long scene won’t change the minds of anyone who thought that “Superman Returns” was slow, boring and slavish to the original Richard Donner films, it is nonetheless a visually stunning piece of work with phenomenal sound design. In it, Brandon Routh’s Superman returns to the ruins of his native Krypton in a flying crystal ship, and around the four and a half minute mark, there’s even a little bit of action. For our money though, we would have rather gotten a scene of Supes slugging it out with Doomsday, but maybe that’s just us.

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