Could 'Sin City 2' Star Angelina Jolie And Bruce Willis?

Finding out that Robert Rodriguez still wants "Sin City 2" to happen is something of a San Diego Comic-Con tradition for MTV News.

This year MTV News caught up with the "Machete" director while he was showing off his new Frank Frazetta art gallery, and he said that the follow-up to the 2005 comic-book flick was still in the works and that the script is coming into its own. While official casting won't start until the script is finalized and in studio hands, Rodriguez said that actors whose names have cropped up in the past -- like Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz -- could still join the project.

"I don't think we'll have trouble [getting stars to come] on board because people loved 'Sin City' and they love that world and they love a chance to play in that arena and so many actors especially love film noir, and it's such an updated modernized film noir that it doesn’t feel nostalgic," he explained. "It feels new, so I think people will run to be a part of it."

It seems more and more likely that the sequel will follow the same structure as "Sin City," with its three entwined storylines holding up the bulk of the flick. Rodriquez said that the movie will follow "A Dame to Kill" and two original stories creator Frank Miller has written for the film. It was the success of "Sin City" that convinced Rodriguez they should follow the same structure for its sequel.

"I was kind of greedy, I loved so many of those stories that I kind of jammed three of them together in a wrap around, but it actually worked because in 'Sin City' anything can happen, so we thought, 'Let's follow that structure, because if we just did one story the audience might feel cheated they didn't get a bigger glimpse of it, especially having waited so long," he explained.

And don't expect that just because some characters died -- like Bruce Willis' John Hartigan -- in the first movie that they won't come back in the next installment.

"The fantastic thing about Frank's original concept in 'Sin City' [is] his books were always told out of order," Rodriguez said. "So some of them might have died in the very first story, but [they] show up in all the other books because they're all out of chronological order."

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