'Captain America' Undergoes Title Change In Three Countries

DESCIt isn’t unusual for movie titles to change when going overseas, especially when one considers the difficulty of translating words to get the exact same meaning. So it’s not strange that “Captain America: The First Avenger” will be called something else in some other countries, but the reasons for the change aren’t that typical.

According to The New York Times, Marvel and Paramount Pictures, the people behind “Captain America,” were originally thinking of calling the movie “The First Avenger” in the overseas market. Not because of translation, but because the idea of a Captain America might be distasteful in areas where there are strong opinions against America and its foreign policies.

However, Paramount’s overseas operation said this was a bad idea, pointing out that Captain American is a well-known comic book figure and that would sell. A compromise has been reached: the movie will be called “Captain America: The First Avenger” everywhere except in Russia, Ukraine and South Korea.

According to the Times, Russia and Ukraine were decided on because the Cold War stopped Cap from becoming well-known in the country, so just hearing his name probably wouldn’t ring too many bells for moviegoers. South Korea, meanwhile, will see a name change because of the belief that many South Koreans don’t like the American military presence.

The report indicates that China most likely won’t distribute the film at all; the country allows roughly twenty non-Chinese movies per year, so Cap's chances of appearing in China are slim to none.

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