'Random Acts Of Violence' Creator Jimmy Palmiotti Discusses Jay Baruchel's Big-Screen Adaptation

Random Acts of ViolenceWe first told you that someone should turn Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's "Random Acts of Violence" into a movie nearly a full year ago. It took some time, yes, but it looks like Hollywood's finally received the message.

Heat Vision reported earlier this month that actor and screenwriter Jay Baruchel has signed on to write an adaptation of "Random Acts." The Kickstart and Image Comics graphic novella centers on Todd and Ezra, two struggling comic book creators who hit it big with their creator-owned "Slasherman" series.

But when a string of murders modeled after "Slasherman" starts following Todd and Ezra in the middle of their signing tour, the two creators must confront their best-selling creation or die trying.

"I know [Baruchel] is a horror fan," co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti told MTV News in an exclusive interview about "Random Acts" getting the big-screen treatment. "I personally think he's a great actor and Kickstart thinks that Jay and [his co-writer Jesse Chabot] not only liked the book, but their pitch was something that [Kickstart] thought was dead on. They brought the thing that Justin and I always look for in creative people: a real passion for their work."

Palmiotti said that it's too early to start speculate on casting, but given Baruchel's involvement, one has to wonder whether or not the "Tropic Thunder" actor might star in the movie himself.

"That's far off for now, but if you want my opinion, I would love him to play one of the main two characters — either the writer or artist would be perfect," said Palmiotti. "Honestly, we're thrilled that he can see what we saw in this book, so having him also star in it would be a super bonus."

As for how closely the adaptation will adhere to the source material, Palmiotti said: "That remains to be seen. But we trust Kickstart and Jay and Jesse to nail the basic idea and key scenes. With graphic novels going to film, there are always minor changes that are going to happen, and we expect that on some level. This is a project that involves many creative talents. With the right people, creative license isn't always a bad thing. 'Random Acts of Violence' is a true partnership with Kickstart and us, so we will be there along the way."

One aspect of "Random Acts" that could go through some creative changes is the gore factor; this is a very vicious and violent story, as the title and premise clearly illustrate. So is there any way to make a "Random Acts" movie that isn't saddled with a hard R-rating?

"The graphic novel is violent — there are severed heads and naked women, some of it set at an actual comics convention," Palmiotti conceded with a laugh. "That all aside, the right director could pull off sex and violence within any rating. But I'll tell you right now: it'll never be a G-rated picture. That's for sure!"

Palmiotti stressed that while he's beyond excited for a big-screen "Random Acts," it's the comic book itself that brings him the most pride.

"We wrote the craziest horror/drama story we could and infused it with a lot of the world we come from, as far as creating graphic novels and the people who buy them," he said. "In the end, the book managed to tell the story we wanted to tell. No strings attached."

None of that's to say he isn't thrilled to death about watching his creation come to life through Baruchel's vision, of course.

"The idea and the set up of characters and events make this a very obvious franchise if handled correctly," said the writer. "It's fun, scary, sexy and out of control, and for me, any film that can have these elements and stay a buddy movie… well, I am so there."

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