Paul Bettany On The 'Feral' Vampires And Post-Apocalyptic World Of 'Priest'

There are lots of movies based on comics coming out, but what makes “Priest” unique is that it comes from a manhwa published by Tokyopop. Though Tokyopop has been facing recent financial problems, the movie is alive and well.

As part of Summer Movie Preview Week, MTV News spoke with “Priest” star Paul Bettany about the very different world in which the movie is set.

For example, there are vampires in “Priest,” but they definitely don’t sparkle.

“They’re much more feral,” Bettany said about the film's bloodsuckers. “They’re more akin to a different species. In this world vampires and human beings have coexisted, not amicably, you know, with real animosity.”

“There’s been a constant war between them, which human beings finally won because they created this sort of special forces unit called the Priests, of which I am one," he explained.

“However, after the war was won and the vampires were sort of put in these containment facilities, like prisons, human beings retreated behind walled cities,” he continued. “The priests disbanded. . .”

It seems that his character is “rendered useless for normal life” after this, only for his niece to be kidnapped by vampires.

“Suddenly all those skills are meaningful again and I can go and kick some ass,” the actor said about his role.

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