'Wonder Woman' TV Series Gets Tougher With Script Revisions

Earlier this year, we caught a rumored impression of the script for David E. Kelly’s prime-time “Wonder Woman” pilot that highlighted the show’s central characters, Diana’s business-minded alter-egos, and the occasional “ice cream sleepover.” Not highlighted were any action sequences or examples of the titular heroine "laying the smack down," as they say.

Since then, updates on “Wonder Woman” have been decidedly wardrobe-related. And while re-writes on the script are said to have abounded, we haven’t gotten any peeks at recent pages, until now.

Io9 has gotten ahold of some pages from a more recent script, released for casting purposes. As noticed by the blog, changes seem focused on making the heroine more formidable, perhaps reacting to concerns that Diana appeared weak in former drafts.

Here’s a rundown of some newly surfaced scenes full of last-minute revisions. Don’t peek if you don’t want spoilers!

-Diana deals with a pair of security guards blocking her entrance to a hospital roof. Saying "I'm Wonder Woman. How do you think this ends?" she hoists one into up by the throat and the other by the chest, inspiring them to admit they’re goons working for arch-villain Veronica Cale.

-When a male driver cuts off Diana in traffic and makes an obscene gesture, she would probably be satisfied just giving him the finger, but he has to push it. Blocking her car, he emerges to say his gesture intended to imply “something that might be good for her,” before grabbing her arm and saying "Maybe I should teach you some manners.” She keeps her cool, saying "Let go of me, sir" and "I'll ask you again to remove your hand." He refuses and calls her a “Prada b---.” She hoists him into the air—again by the throat.

-The pilot’s final battle has been beefed up and edited to make it clearer that the baddies Wonder Woman is beating intend to do her serious bodily harm. One guy puts a knife to Wonder Woman's throat, so she jabs her thumb in his eye. A final minion chooses to surrender, so she knocks him out.

-The original pilot’s script saw a young man finding out he was accepted to college, then falling down to find blood bursting out of his facial orifices, a result of harmful experimental steroids. In the revised version, Wonder Woman spends more time with the young man—who pulls through—promising him a “ride in her plane” and telling his mom that getting vengeance will be her job.

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