Toy Fair 2011: New ‘ThunderCats’ TV Series Toys Arrive!

The upcoming reboot of the “ThunderCats” animated series has been one of the hottest projects we’ve covered here on Splash Page lately, so it’s probably no surprise that we made a point of checking out Bandai’s “ThunderCats” toy line on the first day of Toy Fair 2011.

MTV News got the full scoop on the “ThunderCats” toys from Bandai Marketing Director Brehan Maul this weekend, including a great preview of the action figures, vehicles, and yes, a Sword Of Omens that will let you test out your own “sight beyond sight” abilities.

“There is such a rich, deep base of characters,” said Maul of the source material for their “ThunderCats” line. “We’re exploring that now and expect to have a fully expanded line. This is just a sample of the characters, and there will be more to come — even in the first wave.”

Bandai’s “ThunderCats” line will include both four- and six-inch figures based on the upcoming television series on Cartoon Network, as well as a few figures based on the original 1980s series that fans know and love.

That won’t be the only shout-out to the classic adventures of Lion-O and his pals from Thundera, either. The new “Tower Of Omens” playset that serves as the characters’ headquarters will include a vehicle with a design based on the original series’ “Cat’s Lair” playset.

“It’s a little Easter Egg for fans of the original show,” said Maul.

Bandai’s “ThunderCats” toy line is expected to begin hitting shelves this fall. Check out some photos we snapped of the line below, and keep it locked to Splash Page for more “ThunderCats” news as it develops.

Which figures are definitely ending up on your shelf? Which characters do you still want to see in the toy line? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!

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