'The Dark Knight Rises' Heads To Asia

Christopher NolanWe still don't know who the villain is for "The Dark Knight Rises," nor do we know the film's plot line. But one thing is for sure: Christopher Nolan's third trip to Gotham City is coming, and it's coming soon.

But as Nolan gears up for his latest round of crime-fighting with the Caped Crusader, he won't be sticking exclusively to Gotham. As was the case in both "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," it appears that the next Batman movie will spend some time overseas in Asia.

Hero Complex alerts us to the news that Nolan is currently in Asia scouting shooting locations for "The Dark Knight Rises." Exactly where in Asia remains to be seen, but is it possible that Bats is headed back to Hong Kong?

As you'll recall, a solid chunk of "The Dark Knight" took place in Hong Kong as Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) traveled to the Asian country in an effort to track down and apprehend Lau (Ng Chin Han), an accountant that handles the cash flow for the various mobs in Gotham City. Batman's attempt is successful thanks to some cell phone trickery, overpowering hand-to-hand combat skills and a conveniently located aircraft. Lau is presumed dead by the end of "The Dark Knight," burned to death on top of a money pile set ablaze by the maniacal Joker (Heath Ledger), but perhaps there are other Lau-connected reasons for Bruce to travel back to Asia.

Another possibility is that our hero is returning to the area where he was first trained by Ra's Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) in "Batman Begins," adding some credibility to rumors of Talia Al Ghul's involvement in "The Dark Knight Rises."

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