'Conan' Star Stephen Lang Describes His 'Very Cool' Weapon And Look

Stephen Lang nabbed an MTV Movie Awards nomination for Best Fight this year for his robotic-suit-assisted throwdown with Sam Worthington's big blue alien in "Avatar." Lang used machine guns, his huge metallic limbs, and even a massive slashing blade in the battle. But as the actor tells it to MTV News, that skirmish is nothing compared to what we'll see in "Conan."

"The look we created in this film, I've never been prouder than the creation of this role," he told us of his character, a merciless warlord named Khalar Singh.

A slew of photos of Conan himself, played by Jason Momoa, have already hit the web. But Lang's character has remained under wraps. Recently, though, the 58-year-old revealed Khalar's weapon of choice, as well as his overall look.

"I have a very cool and difficult to master — it took me many, many years to master — a double-bladed parallel scimitar which can do all kinds of things, can break apart and can turn into a scythe," he said. "It requires tremendous dexterity and deftness and agility to handle it, none of which I've mastered!"

Lang and his co-stars worked with choreographers from "300" to create some eye-popping fight sequences. Other top alumni from "300," including creature designer Shaun Smith and makeup wizard Scott Wheeler, are also involved in the "Conan" project. And the look for Lang's villainous character is one he can't wait for the public to check out.

"I wanted him to be like a knife," Lang explained. "I wanted him, in profile, to almost disappear if possible. I actually have some photos that I am forbidden to show right now. I know there are these photos of Jason out there, this gorgeous stud of a Conan leaping around shirtless. Truth of the matter is, I kick his ass for almost two hours."

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