'Conan' Star Stephen Lang Confirms Supernatural Story Elements

No offense to Jason Momoa and his bulging biceps, but perhaps the most intriguing photos to trickle out from the "Conan" set in Bulgaria earlier this year were not focused on the Cimmerian warrior. Rather, what captured our attention were a series of pics that showed a ghost-white creature in the midst of acrobatic battle with Conan. We didn't know who or what this freaky-looking figure was, but we knew it couldn't be human.

Did this mean "Conan" would incorporate supernatural elements, as much of Robert E. Howard's source material does? Well, we know now that the answer is "Yes," thanks to a conversation with co-star Stephen Lang.

"If you read Robert Howard — of course the 'Conan' stories and novellas — magic, supernatural plays a huge, huge part in them: fakirs and magicians and wizards all over the place," Lang told us when he stopped by Splash Page HQ. "So magic is part of that world. The magic in this film, there's a lot of it and there's a lot of action-magic as well, a lot of magical fighting."

Lang plays a nasty warlord named Khalar Singh whom the actor has previously described as simply "a motherf---er." While hanging out in the newsroom, he showed off some photos of himself as Khalar, but if we revealed anything about them, Lang will surely find us and mash us to pulp.

He did, however, admit that although Khalar shows off some serious battle skills in "Conan," he does so without a supernatural assist.

"My fighting is not magical," he said. "My fighting is just brutal."

And that speaks to the film's throwback vibe, less reliant on cutting-edge CG work than on-set stunts and straightforward fight choreography.

"There's a low-tech element to this film that I think is just terrific," Lang explained. "When you get right down to it, it's people banging away with these swords."

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