Disney Picks Up 'Tron Legacy' Director's 'Oblivion' Graphic Novel

ObliviionLast year, Radical Publishing signed a deal with "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski to develop "Oblivion" as an illustrated novel in addition to picking up the movie rights. And while the project was initially signed without a studio attached, "Oblivion" has found a home in Hollywood.

Disney has snapped up the film rights to "Oblivion," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Reportedly, the studio was interested in keeping Kosinski "in the Disney fold" considering that he is directing the hotly anticipated "Tron Legacy," which will debut in December.

The report also indicates that the deal was "in the seven figures," which may make it one of the biggest rights deals of the year.

Kosinski is attached as the director and as a producer with Radical's Barry Levine. Jesse Berger is also attached as an executive producer. The "Oblivion" illustrated novel is expected to be released by Radical this fall, with writer Arvid Nelson and artist Andree Wallin working from Kosinski's original outline.

"Oblivion" takes place in a future in which civilization "lives above the clouds and alien scavengers stalk the irradiated surface below" and centers on a surface drone repairman who finds a woman trapped inside a crashed spacepod on the planet below.

Last month, Sam Raimi signed on to direct another Radical property, "Earp: Saints for Sinners," while "Avatar" star Sam Worthington agreed to star in and produce "The Last Days of American Crime" late last year.

Prior to that, Radical has reached deals with Darren Bousman to write and direct "Abattoir" and "Underworld" director Len Wiseman to helm "Shrapnel." However, those projects have not been updated in almost a year.

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