Don Cheadle Describes 'Tricky' Improv In 'Iron Man 2'

Late last year, Jeff Bridges publicly stated that the first "Iron Man" film was shot without a script, and the production largely relied on the improvisation skills of the actors — in particular, Robert Downey Jr. who portrayed the title role.

While Downey's "Iron Man 2" co-stars Sam Rockwell and Olivia Munn have previously reported that their parts in the movie were heavily improvised. However, according to Don Cheadle — who takes over the role of Jim Rhodes from Terrance Howard — "Iron Man 2" was also filmed without a script.

"No, there wasn't [a locked-in script]," related Cheadle. "To be honest, We did improv a lot. We were very often sort of on a journey of discovery in the scenes, trying to find out where we were, who we were, what it was going to be.

Cheadle also spoke out about the rift that develops between Stark and Rhodes, which the actor admits he found difficult to handle onscreen.

"In particular, our story was kind of tricky to navigate," said Cheadle. "Between Robert's [character] and myself — between Tony Stark and James [Rhodes] — because they're friends, then James acquires the suit and they're not friends or they're enemies. How do we come back?"

"I think that was the real tricky thing," he added. "They knew where it needed to end up, but it was tricky figuring out how to get there."

What are your impressions of Cheadle's remarks about the script? Do you prefer the improvisation utilized in the first two "Iron Man" movies or a sharply written script like "The Dark Knight"? Crawl out of your caves and let us know what you're thinking in the comment section or on Twitter!