'Iron Man 2' Premiere: 'Tony Stark Is The Movie Star Of Superheroes'

FROM MTV MOVIES: One of them flies around the world, is greeted by roaring applause everywhere he goes and works a red carpet like nobody's business. Ladies love him, men want to be like him and many call him a hero. The other one is Tony Stark.

On Monday night, Robert Downey Jr. continued to blur the line between real life and fiction, arriving at the premiere of "Iron Man 2" in one of his character's many cars. Like Stark in the film, Downey was greeted by scantily clad dancing girls, rapturous applause and reporters with questions. So, where does Downey end and Stark begin?

"Tony Stark is the movie star of superheroes, for sure," co-star Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) insisted. "He's slightly debauched, handsome, funny."

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