Liev Schreiber Keeping 'Fingers Crossed' For Sabretooth To Return In 'Wolverine 2'

Live SchreiberThanks to the reassurances of star Hugh Jackman and others, there's been little doubt among fans that last summer's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" will see a second installment in the near future. With screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie already tapped to adapt Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's ronin period to the character's cinematic canon, now the only real question is whether anyone from Wolverine's past might join him in Japan.

When asked about the potential "Wolverine" followup, Schrieber told MTV News he hoped he'd be participating should the sequel move forward.

"Hugh [Jackman] has talked about the fact that he wants to work on the Japanese angle," said Schreiber, "I’ve got my fingers crossed that Victor pops into that somewhere. I’m not sure yet. I don’t remember from the comic books [if he’s in there]."

Schreiber went on to explain how his comic book roots helped him in his Sabretooth role and even noted a few of his other favorite comics-to-film translations.

"I was definitely a Wolverine guy growing up. But I also have to admit I was kind of a DC guy," said Schreiber, "It’s sort of an embarrassing thing to say but its true. Wolverine was up there though. I liked the dark noir nature to it. I had a ball with it. My guilty pleasure is I watch wacky action movies. I’m looking forward to 'Iron Man 2.' I’m always looking forward to the next installation of Batman."

Even though a fully faithful adaptation of Wolverine's time in Japan wouldn't necessarily mandate an appearance by Schreiber as Sabretooth, with Ryan Reynold's "Deadpool" spin-off and Bryan Singer's "First Class" film in the works, Victor Creed might just claw his way back onto the big screen yet.

What do you think about a "Wolverine" sequel set during his stay in Japan? How about the return of Schreiber as Victor Creed A.K.A. Sabertooth? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!