The World Series: Where Comics And Baseball Meet!

BaseballEvery year, baseball fans sweat through months of America's favorite pastime anticipating a national champion. It's not a mania exclusive to mere mortals either, as comic book characters aplenty have expressed their unique love of the game throughout the history of the medium.

This is no surprise, really, given the abundant portion of comic book creators who boogie to the baseball beat. Everyone from contemporary Marvelites Joe Quesada and writer Matt Fraction to baseball-collecting Spawn creator Todd McFarlane to classic creators like the late Gardner Fox (who named DC's premier super team the Justice League after professional baseball's organizational stylings) have demonstrated just how deep their love of the game runs.

With that in mind, it's time to take a wacky trip through the magical, slightly out-of-context baseball imagery selected from around the Internet!


Baseball gets a major endorsement from not only Superman, but also Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder in this old-school issue of "World's Finest."

Batman probably has an awesome swing, but is it really safe for Robin to work home plate? At least he's got the Man of Steel for backup.


It's every patriotic super hero's worst nightmare: an exploding baseball. Luckily for fans everywhere, Cap was able to safely capture the game's saboteur after posing as a true-blue player on the field.

Fans should consider themselves lucky that his head wings fit under a regulation-size baseball cap.


Even though men and women compete in separate leagues, Wonder Woman proved that baseball knows no gender back when she helped a losing team to find victory.

Yes, it's totally cheating on the team's part, given her god-like strength—but it's way cooler than "Angels In the Outfield."


As a known Mets fan, Spidey understands a thing or two about baseball from attending games with his dearly-departed uncle Ben as a kid. That's why this cover to a Marvel Adventures issue captures his Green Goblin rage so perfectly.

A few bad calls can totally ruin a game.


Even aliens love baseball!

Back when the Titans were on hiatus, DC's teens assembled as Young Justice and totally took on outworlders in a game that determined the fate of the universe (more or less). The kids totally won too, most likely due to their mentors passing down an appreciation of major league action.


There's an old expression I just made up that says, "The mutant team that plays together stays together."

Moreso than any group, the X-Men fit the bill perfectly. They've competed on the grounds at Xavier Mansion more than a few times over the years, with Cyclops consistently looking legit in a pair of Oakleys—just like the pros.

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