Top Cow President Calls 'Alibi' Lead 'A Challenging Role For Any Actor'

AlibiLast month, it was announced that "Alibi," a Top Cow comic written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and illustrated by Jeremy Haun, was tagged for adaptation by "Surrogates" producer Mandeville Films. A story of twin brothers who lead very different lives (one is a deadly government agent while the other is a wealthy socialite), "Alibi" has only had one issue published—but it was enough to catch the attention of Hollywood.

I recently had a chance to talk with the president of Top Cow, Matt Hawkins, to get a little more info on the deal and what they have planned for the project. As one of the co-creators of "Alibi," Hawkins has a particular affection for the project, and he shared his thoughts on where it's at and where he'd like to see it headed.

MTV: What's happening with "Alibi" right now?

MATT HAWKINS: We’ve been looking for writers. I’m actually really excited about it. ... These guys are all A-list, studio-level guys, and I’ve been reading their samples and talking to some of them about their takes. [We're] just waiting for the take we agree on, and then we're going to get the script written and try and get the movie made.

MTV: A lot of times, someone has a particular actor—or even just a face—in mind when coming up with a character. Who's the ideal actor to bring the "Alibi" twins to the big screen?

HAWKINS: I think “Alibi” would pose a challenging role for any actor, because they would have to play both roles. I can’t think of any twins available that would be good for a sort of "Jason Bourne"-style role. It's interesting, because on one side you have a guy who is basically going to play a sort of soft, socialite kind of person, and at the same time he'll also have to be Jason Bourne.

Logistically, how the director would solve that... I'm assuming it's done with CG or with prosthetics. The softer guy is going to be a bit heavier. There is probably going to be a physical weight difference—something noticeable. So you’re either going to have to shoot it separately, use some sort of appliance, or do something with CG.

We’ve talked about it, and it's been sort of fascinating how that could be done where it looks realistic on film.

MTV: But are there any actors you could see playing that sort of dual role?

HAWKINS: I haven't talked to anyone, but off the top of my head... A guy like Sam Worthington would be perfect for a role like this. A guy like Brad Pitt would be sort of resuming his "Spy Game" character. Matt Damon... any of these guys could do it. I’m assuming it’s not going to be somebody who's already Jason Bourne, though, so I doubt its going to be Matt Damon.

MTV: With the comic being picked up for adaptation, are you planning to revisit the book and continue the series?

HAWKINS: We don't have anything set yet, but the feature take I was developing was a little different than what Josh originally had planned. There have been a couple of cool takes, so it's one of those things where you have to decide whether to marry the two or not care and leave them separate like we did with "Wanted." I think "Wanted" is cool, because the film and the graphic novel are different.

Who would you like to see play dual roles in the "Alibi" movie? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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