Adam Brody Remembers His 'Justice League' Flash Suit, Before The Project Sprinted Away Forever

Adam BrodyIn some alternate universe, perhaps Adam Brody did get to play The Flash. Maybe the “Justice League” movie did get filmed in summer 2008 rather than abandoned at the last moment, and maybe Common and the other stars did a pretty good job and our alternate selves are watching the results right around now.

Unfortunately, the Adam Brody of our universe never got to play Barry Allen, and is convinced he never will. But he did suit up—once.

“I put it on once, yeah,” remembered the affable 29-year-old actor when we caught up with him recently, a respectful whisper in his tone as he remembered the day he slipped into the Flash suit and thought he might be the first man to ever play the role in a film. “It was such a preliminary version that it wasn’t quite cool yet. It was only kinda nerdy.”

“I did some poses,” he laughed, remembering the costume fitting. “It was kinda what you’d think, without [certain features]; it was the first, rough-draft version.”

No sooner had Brody, a proud comic book geek himself who’ll be seen later this month in “Jennifer’s Body,” landed the dream gig than it was gone—and he still isn’t even sure why.

“I’ll never totally know; I mean, we’re always half in the dark,” he recalled of the high-profile, since-aborted project. “But how close did we come? We were in Australia for some table reads and fittings and whatnot for a few weeks with George Miller and his camp, and that was a great experience. I don’t regret a second of it; I had a really good time and a lot of positive things came from that.”

If anybody does have access to the aforementioned alternate universe, please be sure to sneak us a bootleg copy of the DVD, okay? Because as interesting as it would be to see Brody as Flash, the actor said he’s 100-percent sure that it ain’t gonna happen.

“I don’t think they’re doing that movie, that incarnation, ever,” he insisted, adding that it isn’t such a bad thing that the “Justice League” ship has sailed, because he may find himself another comic book role someday. “The world has plenty of superheroes, that’s what I’ll say.”

What do you think? Would you have liked to see Brody as Flash? Do his comments convince you “Justice League” is dead for good, or could Miller still revive the project?