Five Disney And Marvel Crossovers We Could See Now

The IncrediblesDisney now owns Marvel Comics, along with its 5,000 characters, and meetings have already occurred between Pixar and Marvel about potential crossovers. Introducing Disney fandom to Marvel fandom must be done delicately, though, as the two companies have some of the most demanding followings in entertainment.

For today at least, fanboy conversations about Batman and Daredevil crossovers have been completely set aside in favor of Mickey and Magneto suggestions. Here are five Disney properties I'd like to see matched up with Marvel counterparts.

The Incredibles meet The Fantastic Four: There's an astonishing amount of cross-pollination that's already taken place between Marvel and Disney over the course of their creative histories. Seeing as how Disney and Pixar modeled their in-house hero family off of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's boys and girl in in blue, it would be only fitting that they get together for lunch once in a while now that they live under one corporate roof.

Dr. DoomDr. Doom harnesses the power of Flubber: Could a chance encounter with with an absent-minded professor finally provide Dr. Doom with the hilarious solution he's long sought in his quest to vanquish Reed Richards? I don't know, but this should be at the top of any lists currently being passed around in memo form between Marvel and Disney offices.

Doctor Strange on "Wizards of Waverly Place": Selena Gomez, meet Dr. Stephen Strange. The wizarding community in New York City can't be all that large, so the show might as well acknowledge Strange's home at the Sanctum Sanctorum, located at 177A Bleecker Street. He could even teach the young witch-in-training a few new spells. There's a vein of comedy gold here just waiting to be tapped!

Howard the DuckHoward the Duck meets Donald Duck: Considering that Marvel and Disney exchanged extensive legal correspondence over how the Donald Duck owners would allow Marvel to draw Howard the Duck, it may be high time for the two beaked movie stars to show up together and make nice for the cameras. It would also be fascinating to talk to Howard's creator, the late Steve Gerber, about his own reactions today.

"High School Musical"... with mutants! Spider-Man already has his own musical in the works. Just in case, here's a win-win concept that Marvel and Disney can put on the back-burner. If you think Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron had problems before, just watch what happens when their friend Kitty's mutant powers manifest themselves and Professor X has to show up with his associate Logan to teach Kitty about her gift. If nothing else, it's a brilliant concept to lure Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman out for some song-and-dance routines.

What Marvel/Disney crossovers would you like to see? What crossovers are you most worried about seeing? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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