Marvel 'Super Hero Squad Show' Debuts New Animation, Web Site

The Super Hero Squad ShowMarvel Comics' assortment of heroes and villains have been spotlighted in a fair share of animated incarnations over the years, but the upcoming "Super Hero Squad Show" animated series could be the first to feature the publisher's champions teaming up against a cosmic sword-swinging Dr. Doom.

In anticipation of the series' September 19 premier on Cartoon Network, Marvel has launched a new teaser Web site featuring new animation that could be the show's introduction sequence.

Tying into Hasbro's kid-friendly "Super Hero Squad" toy line and upcoming video game, the show seems to simplify the often dark nature of the Marvel universe for younger viewers by focusing on humor and action.

A few plot points from the series can also be pulled from the new clip. Dr. Doom and the "Infinity Sword" seem to be the major baddies of the series, with Iron Man and friends teaming up aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier to take down his army of villains. It may not seem like Marvel's most complex animated outing thus far, but an audience used to grimmer fare may just swoon as smiling good guys punch monsters to a catchy pop punk theme song.

Aside from its potentially fan-pleasing premise, the series touts an extensive celebrity voice acting cast that includes Mark Hamill as The Red Skull, Taye Diggs as The Black Panther, LeVar Burton as War Machine, Tricia Helfer as Black Cat and Stan Lee as the mayor of Super Hero City just to name a few.

However the show shakes out, one thing is certain: after several listens, there is zero chance I'll be able to stop humming the theme song today.

Does "The Super Hero Squad Show" seem like your kind of cartoon? What do you think of its kid-friendly focus and seemingly show-specific continuity? Opine in the comments.