Vanessa Hudgens Talks Wonder Woman, Catwoman And Ass-Kicking Women

"High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens has become one of the most sought-after young women in Hollywood with upcoming turns in both the reimagined "Beauty and the Beast" film "Beastly" and Zack Snyder's alternate-reality thriller "Sucker Punch."

A self-professed fan of all things Snyder, Hudgens confessed to having watched "300" several times already when MTV News spoke with her on the set of "Beastly" -- including a viewing of the action-heavy Frank Miller adaptation the previous night. Given that segue, we had to ask her: Are there any comic book characters or stories she'd like to bring to the screen?

"Wonder Woman?" she ventured, only to quickly launch into a story of the important role comics played in bringing her to the screen.

"Honestly, when I was a kid, one of the reasons my parents realized I loved showbiz was because I dressed up every single day in my Catwoman costume," explained Hudgens. "So maybe someday, down the line... I could play Catwoman."

After a bit of back-and-forth on the merits of Halle Berry's 2004 portrayal of the feline-fixated DC character, Hudgens cited the "sexy" turn Michelle Pfeiffer took as Catwoman in "Batman Returns" as one of her favorites.

“It would have to be the right [character], but it's always fun, it’s always great," said Hudgens. "Women kicking ass, you know?"

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