'Cowboy Bebop' Screenwriter Says Current Draft Is 'Extremely True' To Anime

Cowboy BebopThe "Cowboy Bebop" camp has been awfully quiet lately. Following initial reports that Fox had acquired the multi-faceted space western for a live-action release starring Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel, new details have been sparse. Fortunately for fans, screenwriter Peter Craig broke Internet silence this week, reassuring Beboppers that the project is progressing -- and will be faithful to the source material.

In an interview with Anime Vice, Craig explained his latest "Bebop" script is nearly complete and better than ever thanks to his anime immersion.

Though Craig admitted his "Bebop" background had humble beginnings as a casual viewer of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim program block, he's now a full-fledged fan, having watched and re-watched the entire original Japanese anime with Otaku-level admiration.

"Every character was new and interesting, and I felt like I was looking at an encyclopedia of some imaginary world," Craig said of his first impression of the series.

Collaborating with the series' creators hasn't hurt the process either. After meeting with the anime producers of "Bebop" alongside Reeves at Sunrise Inc. in December, Craig went home with a highly detailed letter, which he said he's referenced closely as he put the finishing touches on his latest script.

"I'm close to finishing an early draft, and I believe [Sunrise will] be very happy with it," Craig said, "Not only does the script stay extremely true to the show -- I also know that [producer Erwin Stoff] and Fox are already discussing production designers that can reproduce the 'look' of 'Cowboy Bebop' as closely as possible. They'll be reading the script soon... so my fingers are crossed."

Although "Bebop" seems to be moving forward, a lot still has to happen for the film to manifest. But if the involvement of the original anime production team, Keanu's kung fu skills and Craig's devotion to the series' source material are any indication, fans have plenty of reason to cross their fingers with Craig in the meantime.

Can Craig, Keanu and company pull off a live action "Cowboy Bebop?" Does Craig's enthusiasm for the "Bebop" source material merit reassurance for fans concerned about westernizing a unique anime property? Speak your mind in the comments.