Is Uncle Ben's Killer Returning For 'Spider-Man 4’?

Michael PapajohnFirst he killed Uncle Ben, then it turned out that he didn't really pull the trigger. So when kinda-maybe-sorta killer Dennis Carradine shows up in "Spider-Man 4," what kind of role will he have?

That's the question that has the 'net buzzing based on actor Michael Papajohn's recent comments that he'll be returning for the "Spider-Man" franchise's fourth installment.

According to an anonymous SuperHeroHype tipster, Papajohn said during a Wizard World Philadelphia panel this weekend that his burglar character will resurface yet again.

When asked how his would-be Uncle Ben murdering character would factor into the fourth film, the actor was tight-lipped. The tipster's report states that Papajohn said "if he told us what his role entailed, he'd have to kill us."

It's hard to imagine what new layers could be peeled back on the man who inspired Spider-Man's war on crime. In "Spider-Man 3," we learned that it was Sandman that killed Uncle Ben -- albeit accidentally -- and not Papajohn's character after all. Are there any new twists that could be pursued with the actor?

The most interesting angle I can come up with is that Papajohn will play the villain in "Spider-Man 4." How would that work, you ask? Easily, I say... if Papajohn is just one of many actors playing the villain, that is!

What if the Chameleon is Peter Parker's latest antagonist in "Spider-Man 4"? The possibilities with the character are virtually limitless -- you could have a main actor portraying the Chameleon's basic form, then have several actors playing his various other forms. It's a great opportunity for Papajohn to return with a fresh angle, and it could also pave the way for cameos from Willem Dafoe, James Franco and other departed members of the cast.

Then again, I could be way off base and Papajohn is just coming back for another flashback -- but frankly, I like my version better!

How do you think Papajohn will factor into "Spider-Man 4"?