'Tudors' Star Henry Cavill Was So Close To Playing Superman, He Even Wore The Cape!

Henry CavillEven though he's currently busy offing the heads of rebellious Englishmen as Sir Charles Brandon on "The Tudors," Henry Cavill revealed to MTV News that he was once connected to a very different -- and much less morally murky -- role in popular fiction.

Before the Bryan Singer-helmed "Superman Returns" went into production, Cavill was slated to star as the Man of Steel in "Terminator Salvation" director McG's vision of the beloved DC Comics superhero.

"I was attached to the McG 'Superman' movie," Cavill told MTV News during a press event for Woody Allen's "Whatever Works." "Then Bryan Singer came on and took the helm and he made his movie."

Cavill claims that his involvement in the superhero film went so far that he even wore a Superman costume. But due to a variety of reasons, including McG's self-acknowledged fear of flying from the United States to Australia, the project itself never took flight.

"[The McG and Singer versions] were two different movies," Cavill explained. "So it wasn't so much of a sting because it was like, 'Oh, I got [the role],' and then the movie just didn't happen."

Interestingly, McG's now-defunct "Superman" isn't the only time Cavill has been linked to a comic book icon. Cavill was previously rumored for the Man of Tomorrow in the long-gestating "Justice League" movie. Cavill was even close to landing the part of Bruce Wayne during casting auditions for "Batman Begins" before losing out to Christian Bale.

Despite bad luck successfully securing superhero fare thus far, it seems like Cavill is destined for a collision course with comic books at some point during his career. The young actor might even have another crack at Superman before too long, given Warner Bros' announcement regarding a potential reboot of the "Superman" film franchise.

Would Henry Cavill make a suitable Superman, or should he stick with period pieces like "The Tudors?" Head up, up and away with us in the comments!