'Lions, Tigers And Bears' Adaptation Picked Up By 'Transformers' Producer

'Lions, Tigers and Bears'Super-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had better watch out -- he's well on his way to being typecast as the producer who only works on films about toys coming to life. According to news which broke over the weekend, the "Transformers" producer has picked up another project about playthings becoming larger-than-life heroes.

Variety reports that di Bonaventura will serve as producer on "Lions, Tigers and Bears," based on the Image Comics series by creator Mike Bullock. The pitch, which was written by Joey Aucoin, was bought preemptively by Paramount Pictures.

As Variety notes, the story is told from the perspective of an adult reminiscing about his childhood, and revolves around a group of stuffed animals that come to life at night. The source also notes that the studio plans to film "Lions, Tigers and Bears" as a live-action feature, but would obviously use significant CGI effects.

No further info regarding the project was given, but expect more info on this and all your favorite comic book flicks right here on Splash Page.

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