Warren Ellis' 'G.I. Joe: Resolute' Animated Series To Debut Friday

'G.I. Joe: Resolute'As any child of the '80s worth their Punky Brewster crush will tell you, it's clear that we're living in a golden age for properties we grew up with making the move to Hollywood -- especially when it comes to the arguable grand-daddy of Reagan-era fare, "G.I. Joe." But regardless of the upcoming live-action film, the stellar comics from IDW Publishing, and the toy re-issues from Hasbro, any true Joe fan will tell you there's always room for more.

Fans of the "Real American Hero" should be in for a Roadblock-sized treat tomorrow night, as "G.I. Joe: Resolute" debuts on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Written by legendary comics writer Warren Ellis ("Transmetropolitan," "Planetary"), the adult-themed series of five-minute animated shorts will run for 11 episodes both on the Network and online, with a ten-minute finale episode set to air April 25.

"In a very exciting year for the G.I. JOE brand, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the 'G.I. Joe: Resolute' animated series to the adult G.I. Joe fan," wrote Michael Verrecchia, Director of G.I. Joe Entertainment Marketing, in press release issued today. "Adult Swim is the perfect broadcast platform to deliver the series, which features a more sophisticated animation style and story than prior animation."

Furthermore, Ellis has promised to add links on his website, WarrenEllis.com, as they are made available.

Are you going to check out "G. I. Joe: Resolute" Friday night? Would you like to see more adult-themed cartoons based on '80s properties? Let's hear it in the comments.