Three Exclusive 'Dragonball Evolution' Clips -- See 'Em Here First!

Yesterday we premiered the first of three brand-new, exclusive clips from "Dragonball Evolution," the live-action adaptation of one of the anime and manga worlds' most popular series, here on Splash Page. Just in case you missed the big debut, we've collected all three installments of the new "Dragonball Evolution" footage in one post -- featuring Justin Chatwin (Goku), Jamie Chung (Chi Chi), Emmy Rossum (Bulma), Chow Yun-Fat (Master Roshi) and Randall Duk Kim (Grandpa Gohan).

After the jump, check out the other two clips of exclusive "Dragonball Evolution" footage.

Directed by James Wong, "Dragonball Evolution" hits theaters April 10 and also stars James Marsters (Lord Piccolo) and and Joon Park (Yamcha).

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