Scarlett Johansson To Play The Black Widow In 'Iron Man 2’?

Scarlett JohanssonThe “Iron Man 2” rumor mill had a new addition this weekend with reports surfacing that “The Spirit” actress Scarlett Johansson has met with Marvel Studios to portray the Russian superspy Black Widow.

According to a report on EW’s Hollywood Insider blog, previously announced Black Widow Emily Blunt’s scheduling conflicts with "Iron Man 2" have led Marvel to discussions “with other actresses, most significantly Scarlett Johansson, to take her place."

According to EW, "Marvel will not confirm, but sources around Hollywood say Johansson has indeed met with the filmmakers."

Of course, it should be pointed out said that this is still just a rumor, considering the lack of studio confirmation. There have been a few people vying for the role since Blunt's casting came into question, however, including "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" slum Eliza Dushku -- who recently began campaigning for the role. Back in November, Jennifer Tilly also told MTV she'd love to play the Russian superspy.

Considering Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t seen an "Iron Man 2" script, Sam Rockwell is still “doing his homework,” on Justin Hammer, and Robert Downey Jr. neither confirmed nor denied that Mickey Rourke may be in to play Whiplash, it's safe to stay that there's still a lot left to learn about the much-anticipated sequel to the summer blockbuster.

What do you think? Would ScarJo be a better Black Widow than Eliza Dushku? Sound off in the comments!