Christos Gage Updates Status Of 'Paradox' Adaptation; Trailer To Debut In San Diego?

'Paradox'Veteran television writer Christos Gage (“Law & Order: SVU”), has been making waves in the comic world for a long time now with celebrated runs on several DC/Wildstorm series and a 2006 "Union Jack" miniseries for Marvel Comics. Now that his graphic novel "Paradox" is headed to the big screen with actor Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules: The Legendary Journey”) in the lead role, we took the opportunity to catch up with Gage during New York Comic Con to get an update on the project.

“When they first mentioned Kevin Sorbo -- he obviously has a great following [and is] a great actor -- but we pictured Hercules with the long hair, and Ruth [Gage] and I weren't sure if this guy is a hard-boiled, Homicide detective,” Gage told MTV News. “But when we first saw the stills of him, his hair is cut normal length, he’s wearing a trench coat, a fedora, he’s got that great face with the square jaw. He looks fantastic -- like a '40s film-noir guy.”

Gage’s “Paradox,” started out as a feature film collaboration with his wife Ruth Fletcher Gage, but midway through the process they decided that doing it as a comic was a better idea, and published it through Arcana Studios. Arcana later brought it to Legacy Filmworks as a feature film project.

The story turns Gage's experience with police procedural on its head, placing main character Sean Nault (Sorbo), a Homicide detective on a parallel Earth where magic powers everything instead of electricity and batteries. The movie follows Nault as he investigates strange murders committed without the use of magic -- but instead, with science.

“They’ve never seen a bullet, their guns don’t fire bullets, they fire magical energy,” said Gage. “There is no gunpowder. So he has to research how this weapon works. What are these powder burns around the wound? It's brand new for them, and soon he realizes that someone is using science to create a gateway to our world -- the world of science.”

"Paradox" is currently in post-production in Vancouver where Gage hopes they will have a trailer ready for San Diego’s Comic Con International this year. The film doesn't have a US release date yet.

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