'300’ And 'Watchmen' Sequels? Zack Snyder Explains What Would Bring Him Back (If Anything)

'300'Zack Snyder may cringe at the idea of doing a "Watchmen" sequel, but the outspokenly pro-comics director knows exactly what it will take to snag his talents for a sequel to "300." After hinting back in October that another installment of "300" wasn't entirely inconceivable, Snyder's position on follow-ups to both films are now crystal clear.

“The way I would do it is if Frank [Miller] drew a graphic novel, it came out in the marketplace and people said, ‘That’s pretty cool,’” Snyder told the New York Times. “The studio wants it to be, sit with Frank, come up with an idea, write a screenplay, maybe he’ll do a graphic novel based on the screenplay. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I want nothing to do with that.’”

And that’s far more generous than his response to the possibility of a “Watchmen” sequel. The visionary film maestro, who will unleash Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ mammoth superhero story in theaters this March, says that is where his “Watchmen” movie franchise will end.

“I know that I wouldn’t have anything to do with it,” he said of a “Watchmen 2.”

In his response, Snyder described a divide between his attitudes and those of major Hollywood studios in dealing with comics and graphic novel adaptations, which he said still do not receive the same level of respect as prose novels.

“It would be like me going to [‘No Country for Old Men’ author] Cormac McCarthy and going, ‘I have an idea for a movie: You write a book and I’ll write a movie, and you can release it. You’ll win a Pulitzer, I’ll win an Oscar. It’ll be awesome,’” the director elaborated. “The attitude toward comic books, they show their hand a little bit. They would never say that about a real novelist, but they would about a comic book.”

In fact, Snyder hopes that “Watchmen” will be the film that changes that dynamic, as he puts it, by giving “geek culture a little bit of cred.”

Do you think it would be possible to do a faithful “Watchmen” sequel? What about a second installment of “300”? Let us how you would treat either – if at all – in the comment section below!

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