Warner Announces Darker 'Superman' Reboot, Other Comic Movies In The Works

SupermanThis just in, Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov tells The Wall Street Journal about Warner's upcoming plans regarding their goldmine of DC characters -- among which includes news on a "Superman" sequel, another "Batman" film in the works, as well as a new overall direction for DC movies in the future.

Robinov addresses the long-rumored "Batman vs. Superman" and "Justice League" films, saying that due to the lackluster box office of "Superman Returns," the projects definitely won't happen anytime soon. Rather, he notes that there will be another shot at getting the "Superman" franchise going, however it looks like it will indeed eschew the Bryan Singer-helmed film and simply start over from scratch.

Furthermore, Robinov all but confirms that DC Comics will play a major role in the studio's future, noting that the plans are in place for at least four new comic-based films (which include a new "Superman" and "Batman 3") over the next three years, and that they will in a sense follow Marvel's formula for films -- basically, releasing a film for each DC character, and then -- hopefully -- building up to a multi-character film (such as "Justice League).

Robinov also touches on the overall tone of each future film, saying that based on the success of "The Dark Knight," the studio will go much darker in terms of look and story (at least to the extent that the characters allow it).

The studio will announce its upcoming future DC films sometime next month, where it will most likely make it official their plans for new Superman and Batman films, as well as which of the current in-development films (which includes movies based on Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Arrow/Supermax) fans will see next.

Should Warner Bros/ go dark with its movies? Which character would you like to see make the jump to film next? Lots to talk about here, folks -- let's hear it in the comments!