Gerard Butler Sets Sail For Small Role In 'Watchmen'

Gerard Butler at Comic-ConWalking around Comic-Con, and talking to the fans in attendance, it's clear there are only two movies coming out next year: "Watchmen" and "Everything Else." Such is the anticipation level for Zack Snyder's adaptation of what is generally considered the greatest graphic novel ever written. Could it possibly get any higher?

Try this on for size, Gerard Butler opined from atop the San Diego Convention Center: "The script is one of the most perfect scripts I've ever read," he said. "One of the most beautifully written, interesting scripts." Oh wait, he wasn't actually referring to the "Watchmen" script. He was referring to 20 PAGES of it that didn't even make it to the movie!

To be more specific, he was of course referring to "The Tales of the Black Freighter," the comic within the comic in the "Watchmen" universe, which will find its way as an animated short onto the "Watchmen" DVD. But does he wish it was in the movie proper?

"I think everybody could have a different view on that because it does exist within the framework of the comic," he said. "It is a comic book within a comic book and can be taken separately."

Butler will star as the castaway obsessed with an image of a ghost pirate ship, who deteriorates mentally and physically while trying to make it back home. It's a powerful story which mirrors much of the main action in the plot, but that also stands on its own, Butler asserted

"The story is such a powerful, genius witnessing of a descent into madness - being the person that it's happening to and have it happening in a normal way," he said. "He looks at it with a normal head so you can understand how it happens. In which case you can take yourself and the audience a long way.

For those who only know Butler as the King in "300," it's striking to hear the Scottish actor speak, his voice a thick Glasgow brogue. The voice of the castaway will be different, he said.

"It's different. There's something about period that you do that you sort of naturally slip into a different voice cause he is from a different time, he does speak differently," Butler revealed. "And also it's not the way that I would normally speak."

Butler indicated he has only recorded one session, with several more yet to go.

What do you think? Is Butler the man for the castaway? Are you still happy it's separate? Sound off below.