'American Idol' Castoff Pia Toscano Answers MTV News' 10 Questions

Ballad enthusiast Pia Toscano has been on a whirlwind press tour ever since being unceremoniously tossed off "American Idol" last week. (Oh, stop feigning shock, America. You didn't vote for her, dammit!) You can catch her on the "Today" show, "Live! With Regis & Kelly" and even MTV.com dodging questions about signing to major labels and dismissing rumored boy toy (and "Dancing With the Stars" pro) Mark Ballas as "just a friend."

But only MTV News asks the real questions — the questions that matter, the questions that keep our nation up at night, the questions that demand decisions that make Sophie's choice look like "paper or plastic."

So take a break from the hundreds of Pia "we'll see what happens with Interscope" interviews beaming out there on your TV sets and your computer screens and sink your teeth into MTV News' definitive Pia Toscano sit-down. Without further ado, we bring you: "10 Questions With Pia Toscano." You'll never think of "Deep Impact" the same way again.


All kidding aside, with Pia's powerhouse voice out of the competition, how will the top eight's Songs From the Cinema show play out? Who will step up and knock his or her vocals out of the park?

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