Justin Bieber, 30 Seconds To Mars And The Grammy Awards: This Week’s Deep Cuts

Welcome to Friday, which inevitably leads to Saturday and Sunday. That’s a pretty excellent combination. You’ll need a few days off after the crazy week we’ve had here on the MTV Newsroom Blog, which featured at least one huge video premiere, the announcement of the nominations for the Grammy Awards and a lot of unusual news regarding Justin Bieber. So before you get in line to see “Black Swan,” do your holiday shopping or continue to celebrate Hanukkah, check out the links below for all of the stuff you might have missed this week.

» Justin Bieber was everywhere this week, including on the wall of a Brazilian drug lord’s mansion.

» Bieber was also the topic of conversation when MTV Canada sat down with Usher to discuss puberty.

» We even learned something new about the 16-year-old Canadian singer: He has conquered Rubik’s Cube.

» Plenty of other stars grabbed headlines this week, especially when the nominations for the Grammy Awards were announced. Let the cutthroat competition for Best New Artist begin.

» Katy Perry also scored herself some Grammy nominations, but her big moment came when she headlined both the Grammy nominations concert and the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

» “Skating With the Stars” exists. That’s about all you need to know.

» We had to make a sad goodbye to Leslie Nielson this week, who passed away at age 84 and made SummerSlam 1994 way more watchable.

» The Black Eyed Peas will be playing the Super Bowl, and while that’s a good choice, we would have been fine with Kanye West or ZZ Top.

» Our friends the Insane Clown Posse returned to the world of viral video, this time to sponsor a totally awesome Christmas toy drive.

» 30 Seconds to Mars pulled back the curtain on their latest short film “Hurricane,” which was full of pop culture references and kicked up quite a bit of controversy.

» Finally, if you’re as into 10-year-old local radio shows as much as some of the MTV Newsroom staffers are, then this is the greatest blog post in the history of the Internet.