Kris Allen Indulges In His Goofy Side For 'Alright With Me' Video

MTV News has known for awhile that Kris Allen is a fun-lovin' goofy son of a gun with a killer sense of humor and a low-key down-for-whatever attitude. In fact, we often take advantage of those qualities. (Exhibits A, B, C, D, E, Fyou get the idea).

Yet both of his official music videos — "Live Like We're Dying" and "The Truth" — have been angsty affairs filled with desert metaphors and passionate guitar strumming. (We get it, Jive Records. Kris Allen is a serious musician. He's even forlorn on his album cover. In leather, no less.)

Thankfully, last night Allen tweeted a link to a music video for his catchy new single "Alright With Me" that shows off his personable side in a huge way. (Watch the video at his official website.)

The video, directed and edited by his Arkansas buddy Matthew Leonard, is one of those "on the road" diaries that hair metal bands churned out back in the day. But where Journey's "Faithfully" and Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" relied on slow-mo melancholia ("Sigh, it's so hard to be a rock star on the road earning millions of dollars and having sex with anonymous groupies"), "Alright With Me" takes the opposite approach. "Hot diggity, touring with my good friends and meeting fans and rocking out is totally the best thing ever." (Also, no groupies.)

In between artfully-shot live footage of the Kris Allen Band taken from their current fall tour with Lifehouse, we see the "American Idol" winner shimmying backstage, getting his nipples clamped by a dude named Big Daddy (!!!) and making enough silly faces to make Jim Carrey go, "Dude, chill."

Ironically the charming, silly clip (made to say "thanks" to his fans) sells Kris as a serious music artist far better than his first two music videos ever did. Whether they're on stage in front of thousands or by themselves in a studio, Allen and his band are having so much fun playing music together that it's hard to watch the "Alright With Me" video and not buy them as legitimate musicians madly in love with what they do for a living. No over-dramatic symbolism or wind machines needed, thank you very much.

Some have compared the playful video to the Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" flights of fancy. It might be a reach, but then again, Kris once told MTV News that he was going for "a George Harrison vibe" when he recorded "Alright With Me." Nothing in Kris' video matches the Fab Four racing around a field in fast motion, but then again, not much in the world does. At the very least, Allen and his team have finally figured out that it's time to unleash their best kept secret: his personality. And that's alright with me.

After you watch the new music video, why not watch his latest MTV collabo? A few weeks ago the jokester stopped by for an appearance on my weekly musical Glee-cap segment. It's "Rocky Horror" themed, so if you've ever wanted to see Kris Allen channel a young Meat Loaf (hip wiggles and all), click play at once.


What do you think of the "Alright With Me" video? For now it's just a treat for the fans, but do you think it could work as the official video for the single? Leave a comment below, and for more "Idol" chatter, follow me on Twitter@jambajim!