Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon's Baby: What Will It Look Like?

After months of speculation and dozens of hours spent studying photographs wondering whether or not Mariah Carey was with child, we now know for certain. Carey is pregnant with her first child with husband Nick Cannon, and the pair appeared on Today this morning to make the official announcement. Though Carey wouldn't commit to a date, she told interviewer Billy Bush that the baby is due some time in the spring. Considering how much the media has been obsessed with whether or not Mariah was pregnant, this child will be one of the most famous fetuses on the planet for the next few months.

Considering the gene pool involved, this child will almost certainly be the most adorable kid in the universe by the time he or she is delivered. But according to our pals at, the combination of Carey and Cannon will result in something ... less than cute. The baby above isn't not cute, but it also doesn't have the same kind of angelic glow that you would assume Carey's kid would have. Then again, she does have a certain charm.

Most importantly, the birth of their first child gives Carey the chance to build the world's greatest nursery for her baby. As anybody who has ever seen her episode of MTV's "Cribs" knows, Carey lives in luxury usually reserved for royalty and Scarface (which is appropriate considering the staggering success she has had as an artist). Will there be a solid gold crib? Possibly. Lots of butterflies and rainbows? Absolutely.