Sky Ferreira's 'Obsession' Video: Menace And Mr. Blonde

Rihanna is about to debut her new video for "Only Girl (In the World)", and in typical Rihanna fashion, the clip is simple but stunning. Directed by Anthony Mandler (he of Jay-Z's "Run This Town" and a million other videos), "Only Girl (In the World)" is staggeringly psychedelic, with super-saturated colors and a handful of kinetic cuts. It's the latest in a series of big hits, and it has everybody looking forward to her upcoming album Loud.

While searching for some popular opinions about it, we came across the Twitter feed belonging to singer Sky Ferreira, an 18-year-old singer from Los Angeles. She won't have an album out until January, but she is already making a bit of noise with the singles "17," "One" and the recently-released "Obsession" (which was recently featured on "The Vampire Diaries"). It's the latter that really caught our attention, as not only does it have a propulsive beat and a killer chorus (complete with a Cheap Trick reference!), but the video also has a delightful narrative starring Michael Madsen (the actor known best as Mr. Blonde from Quentin Tarantino's landmark movie "Reservoir Dogs").

The clip's narrative is simple: Ferreira is obsessed with Madsen, so she tries to track him down, gets a tattoo of his name on her wrist and enters into an elaborate fantasy wherein both she and Madsen are dressed like characters from "Reservoir Dogs" (black suits, white shirt, black tie) and reenacting the memorable torture scene from the movie (though in this case one of Ferreira's rivals loses some hair, not an ear).

It's a fun, colorful video buoyed by Ferreira's fierce sexuality and her punchy, husky voice. Since this appears to be a big year for artists incorporating Tarantino references into their music videos (see Lady Gaga's "Telephone"), it's cool to see somebody keeping that streak alive.