‘Jersey Shore’ Season Two, Episode Four: By The Numbers

The “Jersey Shore” in Miami is a tale of two emotions: love and hatred. Sammi and Ronnie’s on-again-off-again-crying-and-fighting-again relationship has become the show’s defining narrative. As these lovesick lovebirds go, so goes the show. The numbers don’t lie.

Four weeks into our “Jersey Shore by the Numbers” experiment — a quest to glean insight into the cast’s hearts and minds by tracking their favorite words and phrases — and we know that, whether Sam and Ron are talking about love and cuddling or hatred and betrayal, their shenanigans are going to be all-consuming. And hilarious. And heartbreaking.

No sooner would they profess their love than someone would turn around and drop some hatred. Ronnie summed it up best when he intoned, “I hate you so much because I love you, you realize that?”

They just can’t quit each other (despite their best efforts). Meanwhile, Vinny was busy pleading for a drama-free household. Not gonna happen, Vin. On last night’s episode, naked girls were discussed, fools went on being foolish, farts were let loose and Emilio, Snooki’s boytoy at the time, pulled one seriously unfunny prank. Take it all in with another installment of MTV News’ “Jersey Shore by the Numbers.”