Aziz Ansari Shares His Hilarious Run-Ins With Kanye West

Even if Aziz Ansari isn't given a late-night talk show like we think he should, he should be comfortable in the knowledge that his stand-up game remains on point. This past weekend saw the premiere of his new Comedy Central special "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening," and it's full of everything that makes Ansari one of the top comedic talents working right now. (His album of the same name is also available now.)

By far the highlight of the special is when he takes seven minutes to talk about his relationship with Kanye West. Ansari began as little more than an enthusiastic fan of the rapper/producer/provocateur, but they eventually spent quite a bit of time hanging out. The first time the two hung out, Ansari met West at a club where Jay-Z was also partying. "Jay-Z was drinking vodka he makes. How baller is that? Jay-Z's on the tab, and the money went back into his own pocket."

Later on in the bit, Ansari talks about visiting West at his house and finding him enjoying his own album 808s and Heartbreak. "I was like, 'Are you listening to your own album in your own house bopping your own head?' He was like, 'Yo, these beats are dope.'"

Later on that same evening, West insisted that Ansari tell some jokes in his living room. The comedian initially resisted, but West's pleading got the better of him. He found himself doing a gig for 30 people at West's house. "My favorite part was when every once in a while, somebody would be in the kitchen making a drink and they'd make a little noise, and Kanye would jump up and yell, 'Yo! Shut the f--- up! Homey's over here trying to tell some jokes!' Which is the best thing anybody has ever yelled at a comedy show."

The bit (and the whole special, really) just drives home the fact that Ansari is everything we need in a comedian: A little bit of nerdiness, a little bit of street cred and a whole lot of impeccable comic timing. We'll hold out hope for a show (or we'll just watch "Parks and Recreation"), but in the meantime, at least we can enjoy his mixtape, which is coming soon.