Chris Rock Unloads On Media For Tiger Woods Car Crash Coverage

By Eric Ditzian

Chris Rock has never been known as a guy who keeps his opinions to himself. On Monday night on the red carpet at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York, group of reporters decided to ask the comedian's opinion about Tiger Woods' single-SUV crash into a fire hydrant and tree outside his Florida home (which, because of Woods' silence over the matter, has spiraled into a mess of rumor and speculation involving Woods, his wife Elin and a woman named Rachel Uchitel with whom the golfer supposedly had an affair).

Rock's expletive-filled reply (which was directed at the media and not at Woods) shined a harsh light on the blurry line between journalism and gossip.

"I don't have advice for anybody," he declared. "Nope. He got in a car accident. What the f---? You guys are the news. You're supposed to report the news. A guy crashed his car. You're making up s---. So are you reporting the news or are you making the news?"

Rock went on to stay there was no PR situation to be "handled" because the man simply got into a car accident. Readers, do yourself a favor and click on the video, because no printed quotes can capture the hilarity and savagery of Rock's truth-speaking delivery.

Just before heading inside for the ceremony, he added, "If I crashed my car on my f---ing property, it's a private matter!"