‘South Park’ Takes On Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’

By Brian Jacks

Leave it to the hard-hitting folks at “South Park” to do more for conservationism than fifteen cable reality shows put together. In last night’s episode, the long-running Comedy Central series took on Japan’s heavily-criticized whaling industry by way of targeting the do-nothing marauder antics of Animal Planet’s aquatic melodrama “Whale Wars.”

But while character Stan Marsh was off sinking fishing boats (and generating headlines like “New ’Whale Wars’ Cast Member Turns Vegan P—ies Into Actual Pirates”), fellow South Park resident Eric Cartman was adding some flavor to the proceedings with an amazing interpretation of none other than Lady Gaga’s VMA-nominated “Poker Face.”

First introduced while playing “Rock Band” earlier in the show, Cartman’s enthusiastic rendition of “Poker Face” was later memorialized during a particularly hilarious montage later in the episode. Check out that first scene below, and if you have the time, click here to watch the entire episode online.