'American Idol' Finale Diary: Jim's Trip Gets Off To An Awkward Start

What is it with me and indie rock superstars at airports? It seems I can't get on a plane without exposing myself as the biggest dork on the planet in front of the coolest people on the planet.

While waiting for my flight to LAX (en route to the "American Idol" finale!), I just bumped into Homer Steinweiss, the awesome drummer at Daptone Studios (you've heard his work on Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, as well as with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings). And I proceeded to act like a stalker. Poor dude just got off a plane and was headed toward the bathroom when I intercepted him.


Jim: Homer Steinweiss?! (Subtext: It's 6 a.m. and I'm sleep deprived and this is so exciting to me!)

Homer: Um ... yes. (Subtext: I swear I don't have any weed on me, officer.)

Jim: I'm a big fan. (I'm a huge idiot!)

Homer: Oh, hi! (Whew!)

Jim: I actually produced that Daptone Studio tour piece for MTV News back in the day! (Please like me!)

Homer: Oh, yeah, I thought you looked familiar. That piece turned out great! (I don't remember you, but I remember that kickass segment you cut.)

Jim: So ... where ya going? (Please be on my plane and please be sitting next to me, so I can get all the dirt on Winehouse.)

Homer: Uh ... to the bathroom. And then home. (STALKER ALERT.)

Jim: Have a good trip! (Massive fail.)

Homer: Bye! (Whew.)

This comes after I harassed two members of the band Grizzly Bear on my way to the 2007 Vegas VMAs. That was slightly more embarrassing, since I asked them if they were attending the awards, to which they responded, "Why in the hell would we be invited to the VMAs?" Good point, fellas. Except apparently I thought my question was valid, since I followed up with, "Oh, this year they have big artists collaborating with smaller indie bands, so I thought maybe you would be performing with Kanye or something." And then they shook my hand and left.

Seriously. I suck.

Gotta board the plane. Edie Falco is also on my flight. Here's hoping I don't bump into her, because clearly I'd ask her an inane question and come off like a creep. Yay, "Idol" finale!