The Susan Boyle Photo Shoot Has Arrived

I suppose it had to happen eventually.

One day Susan Boyle was doing volunteer work in her Blackburn, Scotland, church. The next day she was a global TV and Internet sensation. Some 16 million YouTube views will do that.

The latest, and perhaps most amazing, step in Susan Boyle's journey to superstardom is a professional photo shoot done in her home and around Blackburn. "OMG" doesn't quite cover it.

She posed with a microphone, in her yard and out in the middle of the street (my personal favorite), among other places.

Good for her, I think. Regardless of what happens to Susan Boyle on this season of "Britain's Got Talent" (I hear she's the odds-on favorite at 5-2), this will be a great memory for the rest of her life.

And here are the awesome pics, preserved for all eternity!