Lindsay Lohan, You’re Starting To Scare Us. Again.

Lindsay Lohan used to be a megastar in the making with gorgeous red hair, a face full of adorable freckles and a winning smile. Like in 2004’s “Mean Girls” or 2005’s “Herbie: Fully Loaded.”

Then, for a while, she had blond hair and got scary skinny and was clearly having a lot of fun and not taking great care of herself. Then she made some bad movies and wasn’t as big a star anymore. She got arrested for a DUI, providing the Internet with a really great mugshot. So she want to rehab and threw a in Las Vegas party when she got out. She didnt look healthy. I wanted to buy her a double-stack at Subway and make her take a nap for a while.

She started “hanging out” with Samantha Ronson and really looked great.

Well not to get all superficial, but I think it’s time to worry again. Last night, she came out of post-breakup seclusion for an Armani Exchange event. Her eyes are glassy and tired looking. Her arms are skinny and she just doesn’t look happy.

Like Britney, Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs, both public and private. Just like Britney, I’m rooting for Lindsay. I really hope she can get past this bump in the road and stay on the right track.

If you need, I’m here for you, Lindsay. Just leave a comment for me below. I’ll get right back to you! :)

What do you think? Does Lindsay look like she’s headed for trouble or just heartbroken? Check out photos from the Armani Exchange event on Wednesday night and let us know!

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