Why Did Bruce Springsteen Say 'I'm Going To Disneyland' After Super Bowl Performance?

Judging by the online commentary after Bruce Springsteen's rousing halftime set during the Super Bowl, a lot of people were perplexed when he finished with the words, "I'm going to Disneyland!" Was it a plug for the tourist destination? A subtle reference to one of his songs? A strange Florida joke? (Disney World, not Disneyland, is in Florida, and it's in Orlando, not Tampa, where the Super Bowl was held this year.)

Well, just in case anyone doesn't know, nearly every year since 1987 Disney has run a commercial with a player saying the phrase after the Super Bowl, and it's become a catchphrase that people say whenever they win a big game - which the Boss undoubtedly did with his halftime set. Wikipedia has an exhaustive entry on the history and, er, legacy of the phrase, which former Disney honcho Michael Eisner credits his wife, Jane, with inventing.