Journey -- Without Steve Perry -- Rock Super Bowl Pregame With 'Don't Stop Believin' '

Just in case you're wondering, that was not Steve Perry singing "Don't Stop Believin' " with Journey during the Super Bowl pregame, nor was it a Journey tribute band. It was, indeed, Journey, with new singer Arnel Pineda, who joined the band in 2007 after being spotted by them singing Journey songs on YouTube.

Of course, "Don't Stop Believin' " gained a whole new life after being played in the last scene of "The Sopranos" finale in June of 2007. MTV News tracked down Perry himself, who revealed that he actually insisted on knowing the end of the show before granting permission for it to be used.

"I was not excited about [the possibility of] the Soprano family being whacked to 'Don't Stop Believin'," Perry told MTV News after the show had aired. "I told them, 'Unless I know what happens -- and I will swear to secrecy -- I can't in good conscience feel good about its use.'" The show's producers made Perry promise to keep it under his lid, which he did, and then they spilled the beans on how the song was used and how the show ends, after which Perry signed off.

"I can hardly put in words how good it makes me feel, to be honest with you," said Perry about the pivotal role the song played in the show. "There's nothing more in my lifetime that I wanted than to be part of a band that wrote the kind of music we did when we were together. ... When I saw ['The Sopranos'] last night, what I saw was the director pull back into the foundation that was there all along during the most important moment when all this chaos [is going on]. The song was, literally, cutting from lyric to lyric, from mother to son to James [Gandolfini] at the key moment and on [the lyric] 'streetlight people,' it pulls back with the cameras to reveal a streetlight and I said, 'My God, this director [Chase] got it. He got the song!' "


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