Fleet Foxes Top A Bunch Of 2008 Best-Of Lists -- So Who Are They Again?

As you no doubt know, it's end-of-year list— and critically — music lists have reflected one thing about 2008 - everyone was listening to the same few records.

One of the bands getting a ton of love across the board is Seattle's Fleet Foxes. Their song "White Winter Hymnal" was thought to be one of the indie songs of the year — and when the band stopped in for an interview with John Norris — we got them to play a stripped down version of the new classic.


There's been a lot of similar music like theirs in recent years — think the Shins meets My Morning Jacket meets Band of Horses (or something like that) — but maybe no band has put together melodies as tightly as this Northwestern quintet. They received gigantic raves from their shows and will surely be watched closely by many as they continue to rise to fame. Rolling Stone put their self-titled album at #11 on its Albums of the Year list. Spin has it at #5, and both the Times Online and Pitchfork named it #1.

John also got more in depth with the band after the performance — so be sure to check out the complete sit-down if you like what you hear.

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