Who Is John Edwards?

So, I landed in New Hampshire last night, drove to campus and went straight to recruiting. Standing outside of a dining hall here at UNH, clipboard in hand, accosting every single student who walked by to see if they were interested in attending the forum and, better yet, if they had an intelligent question in mind. I got a lot of "No thanks" and a few "Whattya doin for dinners?" But also more "Who's John Edwards?" than I expected.

WHO'S JOHN EDWARDS????????????????

So, I'm wondering do you or someone you know, not know who John Edwards is? (No judgment, just pure curiosity.)

Many more students were enthusiastic about the chance to ask a PPTB (Possible President to Be) a question. My favorite was a girl who walked by with a sprained ankle and wanted to ask if she would have health insurance once she graduated should something like this happen to her again. Another football player is going to ask what the heck is going on with his gas prices. Both very good points. I'm optimistic!