Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Is it possible for politicians to be honest? I mean, isn’t that expecting a little too much? Everyone has an agenda, let’s at least agree to that. But, I think the whole thing about the world wide web is that everyone has a voice, not everyone will be heard, but that’s up to the public, isn’t it? And in a way, it’s the truest form of democracy, we all have the opportunity to say what we want, to call out who we want and post it out there for anyone to see. Potentially, this could be the most “honest” election yet.

Check out this article I read in the Wall Street Journal from September 21, “Keeping the Debate in Politics to This Side of ‘Pants on Fire.’” It’s all about these really great, accessible websites like and Politifact where “facts” from candidates are researched and rated from “true” to “pants on fire”. Funny right? The site doesn’t rate the overall “truthyness” of a candidate or takes sides. Now, through the power of the people online, every time a candidate gives a speech where there’s some really juicy number or fact that gives them an edge, there are places that will tell you exactly what it means and if it’s TRUE! Hey, I’m not saying politicians aren’t going to lie, it’s just getting harder to get away with it. And I say booyakash! to that.

From the Road,