A Typical Day At “TRL”


It was miserable all week. Rainy, cloudy, sweaty, stinky…New York City summer. This is my view, on the way to work, it was hard to motivate this week. Is it just me or is it harder to get out of bed when the sun isn’t shining…like really hard, like I think I have some kind of daylight disease.


The best part about work is I get to come in looking like a homeless person….


And after the elves work their magic….


Lucy Liu eat your heart out…or at least Connie Chung….?? That is some good hair missy.


This is one of the magical elves, Betsy….the things this one can do with a comb and a hair dryer. Not only does it take a toll on days I’m looking extra-gnarly (like this one)…but she’s also really hung over from the night before. I like to torture her by taking photos of her sitting on the make up room floor. One of these days, I’m gonna give you a step by step video on how to get the most perfect blow dry. I’m obsessed.


This is one of our stage managers. He's about to bring me on set for my hit. This is what I see backstage, right before I head out.


Show’s over, always a group of photographers getting pics of celebs coming off stage…I know they sometimes get a bad rap, but these guys are the nicest…and kinda cute, right?