Mindy Kaling Gushes Over Timothy Olyphant's 'Mindy Project' Cameo

Mindy Kaling is ready to be romanced by Timothy Olyphant on this season of “The Mindy Project.” And, really, who could blame her?

The “Justified” star is slated to play an upcoming love interest for Dr. Mindy Lahiri on the Fox sitcom, once her pastor beau, Casey, makes his exit. And, from the sound of it, Timothy will be bringing the funny to the sitcom. He’s slated to play a middle-aged skateboarder who woos the good doctor later this season.

We got all the details on his appearance from Mindy herself when we chatted with her earlier this month.

“Well, Tim is like so funny. He came up doing standup, so no one knows how funny he is ‘cause he plays essentially modern day cowboys in a lot of the stuff he does. Or, actual cowboys like in ‘Deadwood.’ But he’s in all these excellent dramas and he’s so good at them and gets awards for them,” she told MTV News. “But he’s also just like a super-funny dude. So we have him playing this part. He’s basically our take on a Tony Hawk-type skateboarder, like a middle-aged skateboarder, we decided was like a funny [role].”

And Tim’s real-life skating skills helped him really get into character. “He is actually, kind of coincidentally, good at skateboarding. He went to USC [University of Southern California], and he would skate to class,” she said, recalling his on-set skills.

“And, of course, he did it effortlessly, which is so irritating when you're already that good-looking,” she added. “But, yeah, so he was so good and so funny.”

Are you excited to see Timothy Olyphant on "The Mindy Project"?